I'll Tumble For Ya' :: Dairy Queen Kermit: The Swamp Years Kid's Meal Toy

In 2002 Jim Henson Productions released a straight to video movie called Kermit: The Swamp Years. In the vein of Batman Begins and The Wonder Years, Kermit: The Swamp Years regaled audiences with the tale of a young Kermit and how he came to be.

Okay maybe no one has seen it or cares. but I cared, and I still have the DVD.

I did not know at the time that Dairy Queen also released a handful of premiums with their kid's meals to coincide with The Swamp Years.

I found a couple of the toys at the flea market the other day and had to get them for my intern. Especially this cute little tumbler toy. Hours of fun!

Place Kermit and his pal 'old whatshisname' at the top of the ramp and give them a little push and woowoowoo wammo!

You'd be surprised at the mileage a simple toy like this gets. My intern loves it!


Hail Hydra! Hydra Captain America BootLEGO minifig

There was a bunch of nerdrage a couple months ago about a storyline wherein Captain America revealed himself to be a Hydra agent all along. Then people actually probably read the SECOND part of a multi-part storyline and realized their panties bunched up for nothing. At least I assume that's what happened, as it happens so often with nerdrage.

In the interim, those fine folks at BootLEGO Central (aka China) released a Hydra Captain America minifig!

I can't say for certain, but I believe this is an original design (?) not appearing in any specific canon? Correct me if I'm wrong. I know the bootLEGOers often steal...err..ahem...borrow liberally from fan made customs as well, so perhaps this design was from one of those. Anyways, as always it cost mere pennies on the dollar on eBay so yay me.

The shield with the Hydra symbol really sells this guy, and alone is worth the price of admission.

Hail Hydra!


Imaginext Robot Body Plankton

I'm no fan of the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon. In fact I hate the dang show.  But I can appreciate a cool character concept and design, and the show does have some good character designs and concepts. The idea of a megalomaniacal plankton is pretty damn clever. And anything that is a character in a robot body is extra awesome. So when Imaginext released a robot body Plankton, well, I knew I had to have it.

Sadly fisher-Price released the robot body Plankton in a large playset, rendering him out of my financial league, at least for a playset for a cartoon I loathe. But fortunately eBay came through again (a few years later) and I was able to grab this little lunatic for a song.

Plankton is understandably not removable (choking hazard!), but he 'sits' up top on the robot body, which is standard Imaginext figure sized. Which means his robot can sit in or on any Imaginext vehicle or playset, and can hold and Imaginext accessory any standard figure can hold, which adds to the fun of this little robot suit.


BootLEGO New 52 Poison Ivy Minifig

Another BootLEGO minifig for my collection, the New52 version of Poison Ivy!

I've never been a fan of the face-vines on this iteration of Poison Ivy. They just make the design look too busy. But I like the foliage-on-black body suit. This Poison Ivy minifig captures that effect nicely. She also came with a single vine accessory. Found on eBay for CHEAP!